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Legal Practitioners : Generalists verses Specialists


0516-lawyers (Photo credit: Rae Z)

Generalists in any field of work are usually under threat particularly in large corporations where demand for their services could instantaneously change  in the light of technological and economic change. It is for this reason that most professionals particularly in the legal sector tend to specialise in certain areas of law.

While most generalists have the advantage of seeing the bigger picture, knowing a bit of everything without in depth knowledge of a specific area is often a disadvantage. Technological and economic changes have led to law becoming much more complex.

The emergence of new areas of practice such as environmental law, intellectual property, competition law and countless other fields means that clients seek legal practitioners with greater expertise. The present competitive market also makes it difficult for generalists setting up solo legal practices, to generate enough business that is profitable.

As markets continue to change with larger, merged organisations requiring specialised legal professionals, generalists who in most cases turn their hands to a diverse range of areas will be faced with numerous challenges.

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