Legal Segregation Was Disestablished but racism still exists

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The case of  Trayvon Martin has over the past few days reawakened a collective awareness of how the Justice system in America continues to be divisive. On the face of it, without a full examination of the details, the average man on the street can not be blamed for feeling that the criminal justice system continues to systematically fail people of colour. Many people are worried about inequality in the criminal justice system and are of the view that this calls for a discussion on how to correct a system that appears to thrive on laws that could inherently be seen as racist.

Discussions regarding racial issues in the criminal justice system are however, often dismissed because a significant part of the population is not affected by racial inequality. Many commentators have mentioned that the outrage behind the acquittal of Zimmerman is of no substance and is simply being fuelled by a crowd mentality. Others on the opposing side of the argument feel that Zimmerman got off on many technicalities which are being allowed by a flawed legal system.

A growing movement of the supporters of Trayvon Martin have condemned the notorious frisk and search laws which continue to allow racial profiling of young people of colour. In an article on the Guardian website, Gary Younge a British journalist based in New York clearly articulates how the present position is not reassuring to parents in the black community who are now convinced that the not guilty verdict  has set a bad precedent. There is a strong feeling that this “verdict will be contested for many years to come”.


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