Getting Rid Of Indiscriminate Tools Such As Stop And Search Would Make London A better Place

Since their implementation the Section 60 Stop and Search orders have been justified on the basis that their use helps keep the public safe as well as tackle crime in general. The disproportionate use of these powers is however, worrying to many campaigners who strongly feel that the use of these powers damage the relationship between communities and the police.

It is no secret that figures show indicate that Black or Asian people are more likely to be targeted. Recently, the brother of the late Stephen Lawrence claimed police have stopped him 25 times simply because of the colour of his skin. This is almost as if the inquiry into the death of his brother which unearthed institutional racism in the police never even happened.

Stop and search without suspicion remains an issue that many people feel strongly about and perpetuates the stereotypical views that people in general have about people from ethnic minority groups.


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