Watch “Condoleezza Rice: My Father was a Feminist”. Can Men Be Feminists?

Can a man really be a feminist? This question has been asked by many people who feel that championing women’s causes is not a manly thing to do. The idea that a man can be feminist makes people uncomfortable. The preferred term in most cases tends to be “pro-feminism”. It is claimed that feminism requires that one be politically conscious and even be an activist. Critics argue that men can not remove themselves from power and privilege, so how can they fit in as feminists. In this interesting short video, Condoleezza Rice shares her experience of being raised by a father who championed the rights of women. She credits some of her success to her fathers belief that women can be also achieve great things. Most of us who were raised by fathers who felt we deserved a good education just like our brothers, can relate to the message.


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