Are Lawyers Squandering Billable Hours On Blogging?

Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know that blogging is has become very popular as an outlet of choice for a large number of individuals – recording their day to day happenings for therapeutic reasons or simply to amuse their friends and family. What’s even more interesting is the rising number of legal professionals blogging on a wide range of platforms from micro blogging on twitter right down to well presented blogs which look more like company websites.

The question is why would a well paid attorney squander billable hours to blog? Why would they tread on a legal mine field by  breaching their clients confidentiality and opening themselves up to litigation? Why would a serious lawyer dealing with work that is demanding in terms of time, attention and mental effort waste time on a blog?

A good number of lawyers find that blogging provides them an opportunity to disgorge in a safe and acceptable way without breaching the confidentiality of their clients. After a frantic day of dealing with tears, tempers and  tantrums from clients, it feels natural to let off stem via a blog instead of reaching for a bottle of prozac to calm the nerves.

Very little has been written about the emotional stress that litigators go through particularly those dealing with criminal and family law cases.  Cases of vicarious trauma are actually quite high amongst people in the legal profession who often handle material which can be disturbing. Most people in this line of work do not admit to being under serious pressure for fear of being seen as professionally weak and incompetent and so the emotional pressure continues to fester until they reach breaking point.

Therapists who work with individuals  affected by vicarious trauma often encourage creative pursuits such as painting, singing, sculpting, poetry writing and story writing. Legal professionals who engage a “creative kind of expression” such as blogging can over come vicarious trauma brought on by the demands of  handling  highly stressful material on a regular basis. It’s far better than  reaching for a bottle of prozac on a daily basis and getting addicted in the process.



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